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Park High School

Park High School

Park High Pop up Art Installations

On Wednesday 17th January parts of Park High school were given an Artisic make over by some of our talented Year 12 Art students. There were 3 Art installations to be seen, one in the Foyer, one in th Mezzanine above and one in the Park stair well. 

The Year 12 students visited a number of exhibitions across London as part of their introduction to A-Level Art and Design. In response to these, students were asked to select a site around the school to design and curate a piece of installation art. They responded exceptionally well and three different and striking pieces of work were raised.

During break time students and staff were able to appreciate and interact with the pieces. 


"Our piece of art is about student’s happy memories. After getting them to write them down, we will be installing this onto the poles. By providing individuals with a space to write we have allowed them to express themselves and rekindle memories resulting in a good atmosphere. To create an experience and visual impact within this interactive installation we are using twine, the same colours as every year groups which will represent the students, making it more personal to them." - Fariha & Maryam


"The journey through Park High is a significant memory for any student attending Park. We wanted to portray this through our installation of a tree.  As the logo of Park High is an oak tree, we wanted our installation to be symbolic of our journey and growth throughout the years of Park High School. Our design is a branch on the walls outside S9 which is going to be a 3D piece and the leaves will be smaller at the start of the branch which will gradually increase in size by the end of the branch. This indicates the development of the students as individuals and the leaves separately hanging off the ceiling represent the students that have flourished by the end of their high school journey." - Tara & Rucha

Park block Stair well 


"Park High started off where boys and girls were separated in the Park block. From the history of the Park block, we have decided to create an installation piece in the Park block to show this. An installation is an interactive piece with the audience. We will be using the staircases to reinforce the string from. The string will be red on one side of the Park block to represent the girls staircase and blue on the other to represent the boys staircase, this will show the history of the Park High school when there was segregation between the genders. Additionally, we will also have laminated cut outs attached to the string. The string will be woven through the poles to create a web like effect." - Nikita & Jayni

 The response was fantastic creating lots of discussion amongst students, staff and visitors. Well done to the our creative year 12 students on these fabulous installations.

Park High School

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Headteacher:Mrs Colette O'Dwyer

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