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Park High School

Park High School

Year 9 Drama students perform Theatre in Education to Priestmead students

On Wednesday the 18th of July, 180 Year 4 and 5 students from Priestmead School came for an exciting performance at Park High.

As part of their GCSE Drama course Year 9 students created two Theatre in Education performances, their aim was to inform the next generation of key issues, Children’s rights and Cyberbullying.

The first performance took the students on a journey to discover what school is like in different countries. The visually exciting piece filled with Physical theatre was inspired by the story of heroic Malala. The primary school students seemed captured by the heartfelt story unfolding before their eyes and on reflection students were passionate about the preservation of children rights across the world.

The second performance explored the very current issue of Cyberbullying where over half of teenagers have experience some sort of bullying online. The interactive performance featured viral hits and a hilarious rendition of the Walmart Cowboy which left the students in fits of laughter. Students were keen to give their opinions and choose the correct scenario when faced with different cases of cyberbullying.

Overall, it was a pleasure to welcome Preistmead’s Staff and Students and a big well done to the Year 9 GCSE Drama students who worked tirelessly to put on two fantastic pieces

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