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Park High School

Park High School

Winter Warmer Dance & Drama Showcase

On the evening of Tuesday 21st January Park High hosted our annual Winter Warmer Dance & Drama Showcase. The Showcase gives our students the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience and share their Dance and Drama performances with family, friends and staff, over 100 people came to watch our Park High students perform and our students didn't disappoint, the students’ performances were fantastic, they conducted themselves like true professionals. We are so proud of all the students involved, Well Done from all of us at Park High School.


Year 11 GCSE Dance Performance

Sora, Chantae, Anaya, Shivani, Maria, Adeline, Abhiramme & Nathan-Shi.


Year 9 GCSE Drama Performance

Alexandra, Melika & Mustafa Mohamed.

In Flux, then Breathe

Year 10 GCSE Dance Performance

Eesha, Tegan, Stacey, Adar, Gerta, Sandiya, Kaltrina, Preka, Ioana, Lucia, Anuja, Thakshan & Denisa.

A Magical Winter

Year 7 Drama Club

Rishita, Maisa, Yashvii, Unikal, Mithusa, Veda, Clarrisa, Amina, Rhianna, Yashika, Maya & Ahmed.

Everything I wanted

Year 7 & 8 Dance Club

Melissa, Andreea, Shriya, Sahana, April, Destini, Ashanti, Anastasia, Fikrijei, Saeesha, Preesha, Kavya & Rhianna.

My Mother Said I Never Should

Year 11 GCSE Drama Performance

Tania, Zahia, Kareena & Marjan.

Artificial Things

Year 10 GCSE Dance Performance

Eesha, Tegan, Stacey, Adar, Gerta, Sandiya, Kaltrina, Preka, Ioana, Lucia, Anuja, Thakshan & Denisa.


Year 10 GCSE Drama Performance

Faris, Rachel, Andra, Alan, Prabhu, Gracia, Bardh, Kayla, Paula & Jai.


Year 9 GCSE Dance Performance

Lorena, Isabela, Maria, Zara, Maya, Alexandra, Elizabeth, Georgiana & Ryan.

Without me

Dance Piece


The Killing

Year 9 GCSE Drama Performance

Amel, Darius, Sama & Ryan.


Park High School Dance Company

Sora, Shivani, Denisa, Gerta, Kaltrina, Lucia, Lorena, Alexandra, Ryan, Akira, Ariyana & Roshni.

Winter Warmer Dance & Drama Showcase

We would like to thank Ms Hall & Ms Daler–Finch for putting together a great show. We would also like to thank the following: all of the students involved and for their hard work and effort in preparation for the performance; Ms Halpin, Ms Machado, Ms Prakash, Ms Ward, Mr JJ, Mrs Browne and Mr Haldenby for their support; the 6th form helpers backstage, Isabelle , Eloise, Cameron and Aaron in Year 9 who lit the entire show; the caretakers for their continued assistance and support; Mrs O’Dwyer and the Senior Management team for their continued support of the Performing Arts; The parents for their support of their children and the school and finally to all who attended to support the wonderful talent of our Park High Performing Arts Students.

Park High School

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