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The Old Bailey and Royal Courts of Justice Trip

On Friday 24th January our Year 13 Sociology A level students visited the Old Bailey. The visit included a tour of the Royal Courts of Justice, Lincoln's Inn and a talk outside the Old Bailey, as well as an opportunity for students to sit in the public gallery of the Old Bailey to listen to an ongoing court case. It allowed our students to see first-hand what a courtroom looks like and how the Criminal Justice System works in the UK. This visit to the Old Bailey is reflective of their current unit of study entitled ‘Crime and Deviance’ and provided a further insight into some of the main aspects of the course. The class thoroughly enjoyed the trip!

Year 13 trip reviews:

"I learnt that punishment was very harsh and that baristas in the Royal Courts of Justice can earn up to £2000 an hour. I enjoyed looking at the costumes and sitting in the courts seeing the reality of crime. I would highly recommend this to any other year group doing this topic." - Kacey

"The trip was really fun, I learnt a lot about the history behind the construction of the buildings. I loved the cases that we watched and they were really intense to watch. I would recommend it for every year not only sociology students, especially those wanting to pursue law." - Javeria

"One thing I learnt from the trip is the different punishments we have had over the years, and also the reason why judges and people in the court room wear wigs. I learnt about the different jobs in a court such as the jury and what their job requires them to do. I really enjoyed the tour that we had around the royal courts of justice as well as the old bailey. I would 100% recommend the trip as it was very interesting and educational. The court cases were very interesting too." - Vahini

" Whilst on the trip I learnt about the history of the criminal justice system and more information about the people who work in the courts. I also learnt about the different types of roles there are in the court systems and how they differ from each other. I enjoyed watching the trials in the royal courts of justice as well as in the Old Bailey. I would recommend the trip for next year’s sociology class." - Payal

"Whilst in the visit to the Royal Courts of Justice and the Old Bailey, I learnt the many stories that occurred throughout the time of the buildings standing and how they have developed with each event and what remains from these.  I learnt that the professions are very difficult and go through many phases. I learnt how the systems of the court have adapted over time and how they work within the court. What I enjoyed most about the trip was the actual court cases that we were able to sit in and watch. I would recommend this trip to other year groups because this experience isn’t something that can be attained easily and does contribute to what we have learnt." - Susan

"On the sociology trip the tour guide taught us about the different outfits that they barristers an judges have to wear as well as the pay they receive when attending the royal courts of justice and learnt that they intentionally make there wigs darker to appear more experienced. As well as this, I learnt about the seriousness of attending court and the impacts that a sentencing can have on the victims family as well as this the criminals.  The most enjoyable aspect of the trip was seeing the different historical artefacts in the royal courts as well as seeing the barristers defending there clients during the civil and criminal cases. I would recommend that people take time out of there day to at least once to see one case study, it opens your eyes to the reality of the justice system and the impact it has on young lives."  - Nishi

"I learnt about the history of crime, about the court systems and how a court case works. I learnt about a jury conducts themselves in the court room and how important of a part they play within a case.  I enjoyed the tour of the Royal Courts of Justice the most as we got to learn the history behind trials and the judges' robe.  I would recommend the trip as it was very informative and helped to consolidate my understanding of crime and deviance." - Dhyana

"I learnt about the history of the royal court of Justice and also the old Bailey. That barristers at the RCOJ earn up to £2000 an hour which inspired me to become a barrister. I enjoyed The public viewing while attending the case as it was a great experience to witness a court case this close. I would recommend it to people who want to take Law as a future career." - Mustafa

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