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Tomorrow’s Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge Regional Final

On Wednesday 5th February some of our Park High students took part in the Tomorrow’s Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge Regional Final at the RAF Museum Hendon. This year’s Robotics Challenge is about what engineers do to help make the environment better and to create a more sustainable world. The world of Science, Technology and Engineering is growing at an exponential rate. As technology moves forwards rapidly, our society will need more advanced yet ethical products, services and infrastructure. All across the world, people are working hard to find solutions to challenging environmental problems.

This year 575 school teams across the UK are taking part in the Tomorrow’s Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge competition. In preparation for the regional final the robotics teams had to prepare the following for the challenges:

  • Robot that will travel over 4m as fast as it can
  • Solutions to as many of the tasks on the mat as possible
  • Pointers to talk about the robot – the parts, the programming, the sensors, what the students have found out and any mistakes or challenges they have learnt from.
  • 3-5-minute presentation introducing the team and the humanitarian aid problem or environmental challenge they had chosen, explain what their new or improved engineering solution was and what impact it could have on the environment if it was successful, explain what type of engineering the solution relates to and in what ways does it involve engineering skills and expertise, outline how they found out the information and their research sources and finally evaluate their teamwork and communication skills, how they developed while preparing the research project presentation.

"To enjoy the journey of building and programming our 2.O robot . Even the little changes can make the biggest difference !" - Park High Robotics team

Our Robotics team worked extremely hard spent weeks of preparation for the regional final, testing, designing, retesting, mastering and coding their final robotic creations, during lunchtimes and after school.

On the day of the regional final, as well as taking part in the competition against 8 other teams in the region, students met engineers and inspirational role models, got hands on with various blind STEM Challenges and had the opportunity to mix with other schools to swap ideas and advice. 

Park High took part in the following challenges:

  • Speed and Control Challenge: Teams raced their robots to cover the distance as quickly as possible and then return home! The robots needed to be quick and controlled for this task - worth 20 points
  • Robot Challenge : Teams completed a range of exciting mat-based tasks. Teams were given two chances to score as many points as possible on the table-top challenge - worth 40 points
  • Robot Design: Teams presented their robots to the judges in a show and tell style format, explained what they had learnt about robot design and programming. - worth 40 points
  • Project Presentation: Teams delivered a presentation they had prepared answering the question ‘How could engineers help future-proof the world?’  - worth 40 points
  • Teamwork Challenge: This was an unseen challenge, they were reviewed on how well they worked together as a team - worth 40 points

Our students showcased how successful they have been in attempting all the challenges. All of their hard work and effort paid off as they won the award for the project presentation.

“I have been judging the amazing research presentations. These young people have some very bright futures ahead of them if today’s efforts are anything to go by. Well done to Park High presentation winners . “- Dan (RAF Engineer )

"It was a pleasure to interact and work along your students in preparation for today's competition at the RAF Hendon. They won a task, and hopefully have learnt tons of other stuff from the other tasks. It was commendable that they worked on the programming from scratch and put up a good show. " - Kabi (STEM ambassador)

We are so proud of our students, Mikias (7KE), Marianne (7BR), Ashhar (7BR), Rohan (8PJ), Daniel (8SL), Rohan (8YC), Jayden (9CM), Zayaan (9CM), Aditi (9WR), Thilakshan (9SF), Hardik (9JR), Hetal (11NK) and Smit (11AH) they have showed real commitment, dedication and team work, they have put in a huge amount of effort and we are so glad that it paid off. Thank you to the STEM ambassador for spending some valuable time with our students and a massive thank you to Mrs Rajaram, Mrs Keria and Mr Etwaroo for supporting them throughout their journey. 

Taking part in the Tomorrow’s Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge has allowed our students to:

  • Undertake STEM activity linked to the GATSBY BENCHMARKS
  • Develop understanding of the STEM Curriculum, Programming and STEM in the real world.
  • Develop awareness of STEM Careers
  • Meet STEM Role Models and Employers.
  • Understand the importance of Employability Skills particularly around confidence and teamwork.
  • Motivate and inspire
  • Give everyone the opportunity to experience a different learning environment
  • Represent our school on a regional stage.

The work that engineers do affects billions of people. Engineers have creative and hands-on jobs which involve solving problems and designing great things to improve the world. As an engineer, you could help tackle some of the world’s most important problems – from maintaining clean water and energy supplies, to finding sustainable ways to grow food, build houses and travel the globe. 

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