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Celebrities Falling off Stage


As we all know, celebrities are very concentrated on their performance when on stage. They need to have the stamina and take the strain when dancing and singing. The fact that some celebrities lose balance or even fall off stage, shows us that they do not know where the edge of the stage is.

Research shows that the main reason why celebrities fall off stage is because of their costumes or shoes. We have looked at this matter in more depth and have also realised that the exhaustion and agitation makes them forget about the width and length of the stage. The steps on the stage might be very wide, so the female singers or dancers with their long high heels will obviously trip.

Ariana Grande, as we all know, is a very well-known singer. She is also popular for her falls off stage. In 2013 at the VMA’s Red Carpet Event, Ariana Grande tripped TWICE! This might be simply just because she was nervous (or clumsy). The audience went WILD! All the press and reporters were actually encouraging Ariana to stay strong and get over it. Those high heels were enormous! The video of her two trips in one minute went viral on the internet.

By Clara and Janaki

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