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Park High School

Hello my name is Monica. My name is Shanae. And my name is Diyanni. Today we are focusing on young people, ages 16 to 23 and how it is difficult for them to find a job and what kind of financial problems they could face.       

There are many reasons why college students find it extremely challenging in finding a job, for example, many elder aged, experienced people refuse to retire from their job hence the reason teenagers always find it difficult in finding a job with not much job experience.  Recent college graduates struggle to get a job because they can’t find a job in their career path and they don’t start off with a side job or part time job, therefore they begin with a slow start when starting up their career. 

A lot of people have their education to think about, they may have to reject a job offer as they are unable to juggle school, college, university and work. Things that could affect a student, from getting a job, are their attitude and approach to a job opportunity.

No interview skills link with ‘people skills’ because if they cannot talk or communicate to people with respect or they are shy and not bold and ready prepared to take on the job it can hugely impact their career. 

Not knowing the details of the job that they are applying for can make the interviewers think weather you have got the right knowledge in order to join their company. Not showing concentration and engagement can make interviewers rethink their decision as they would not want to employ a student who doesn’t show enthusiasm and can get easily distracted from the job. A lack of social skills is a huge reason because many adults have no interactive skills to talk politely and sensibly or behave well. No employer would hire them if they were no likeable and if they are not willing to hire the recent graduates the youth give up or quit. 

The increased competition has had a major impact as now colleges has become a more affordable and a lot of pressure has been put on students to attend college in order to find a good job. Many college graduates make the grave mistake of assuming that their degree alone will qualify them for a job. Some people may not have much job experience; therefore they can’t get a job.

You have to be good at something in order to contribute value to a company. It is said that people with computer skills will always be in high demand. Learning these types of technological skills will always be in your best interest because companies love technology in their offices in order to be more efficient.                                             

 Many people quit too easily, if they feel like they haven’t done enough or they think they didn’t show enough of their skills and their talents in the interview, they will not be accepted.

The solutions for the youth employment, report that young adults between 15 and 29 are looking for jobs but only 40% will actually get one if the global economy stays as it is. Recent graduates struggle to find jobs and make money because they are unemployed and the youths are likely to be that way for over the next decade.

Many students believe that financial problems are having an adverse effect on their academic performance. A survey by University of Central England undergraduates Centre for research into quality has shown that 51.9% of the 1,139 full-time undergraduates voted believed their academic performance was suffering and 15.1% believed that there was a major negative impact. The survey had been constructed to reduce overstatement of financial and academic difficulties. But just over 20% stated that their status had a positive impact on their academic performance.

Those who also have a part-time job were actually more likely to assume that money problems were affecting their academic work. Around 60% of the students working 11 hours or more each week, against 49% of those with no part-time job has been reported.

The report found an overwhelming lack of confidence in the current higher education system with 92.2% calling for improvement opposing to only 2.7% wanting to leave things as they are. Students have determined a clear distinction between tuition and maintenance. 71% agree that Government should continue to contribute 100% of tuition costs, but 44% were prepared to accept either a student or a graduate contribution to maintenance.

A third of the worlds 1.8 billion young people are currently unemployed, out of school or not in a training program according the 2015 report on ‘Toward solutions for youth employment’. However adding to the reason why most of them are unemployed is because the employers don’t find young people well prepared to work with good experience.

College was only accessible to the rich back in the past, but now college has become more affordable and a lot of pressure has been put on students to attend college in order to find a good job. Because of the reasonable costing fees, there are now a huge number of college applications across the nation hence the reason why there is more competition for the limited number of jobs available. Most of them should know that one job can lead to another and other jobs and you start of small and end up with the job of your choice which will help them to achieve the job they want and without starting off with a side job you probably will not get the chosen job.

In conclusion, young college graduates are struggling to afford the money and without a job they earn no money. They experience financial distress; this neither is conditions were a company cannot meet nor has difficulties paying of its financial obligations to its creditors. The chance of financial distress increases when a firm has high fixed costs. This is all from finance politics today.

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