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Park High School

Park High School

The director of Google’s self drive car project hopes that the technology is standard on roads within five years. Chris Urmson told the delegates at the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference that his elder son was 11 years old and due to take his driving test in ‘four in a half years’. People have started to drive more and are getting stuck in traffic jams longer were reasons to roll out the technology out as soon as possible.

“Some 1.2 million people are killed on the roads around the world each year . This number is equivalent to a jet falling out of the sky everyday.” Said the director hoping to convince everyone. No one really thinks of cars being driverless as some of it is down to skill and that it will always require some sort of human input to correct it if the computer makes a mistake.

Some automotive firms have opted to introduce driver assist functions in cars in the hope that the technology can gradually win over the many sceptics who would be uncomfortable in a fully automated car.

By contrast Google’s own car –a prototype electric pod revealed in December-will have no steering wheel or conventional controls although for early testing , extra controls will be fitted so one of Google’s test drivers can take over if there is a problem.

AI Developments

Google’s self driving cars have gone extensive testing , ranking up more than 700,000 miles on the road. The situations which the cars were put in place were very specific and detailed. Sven Beiker, executive director of the Center for automotive research at Stanford, has said that driverless cars may still require human input in extreme circumstances.

We all hope that Google can release the technology as soon as possible.

By Karan

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