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Head Prefects: Oranus & Reyhan

Role of a Prefect

There are many opportunities for students to become more active in the school community as well as gaining valuable skills for the work place.  Prefects are expected to be role models for younger students and may be asked to mentor students under the supervision of their tutor. Prefects are  responsable for ensuring the smooth running of students’ activities in a variety of situations.  A Prefect will be allocated to a team of students who will be on duty either morning break, lunchtime, before or after school.  During whole school events our prefects will represent the school, for example open evening, parents’ evening, review days, school performances and escorting visitors around the school. 

Prefects who are particularly diligent may be chosen as senior prefect in the summer term.  There are 20 senior prefects, in total who manage the teams.

How to apply

All Year 10 students have the opportunity to apply to become a prefect in the Spring term.A good prefect will have the following qualities:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Commitment
  • Sense of humour
  • Track record of contribution
  • Reliable
  • Can work with others and on your own
  • Can balance school learning with the role of prefect
  • Well presented

For more information Please speak to the current Prefects or Ms Calero 

You must upload your letter of application to Canvas by the deadline: Friday before February half term.