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Park High School

Park High School

Think before you Ink

By Aaron and George

There is always that one student who comes to school everyday without proper equipment. I’m not talking about calculators or protractors but just the humble blue or black ink pen. They stroll into class without a care in the world. Then they sit there for ten, maybe fifteen, minutes before a thought enters their unfocused little brain, “Er,mate can I borrow a pen?”

But why, when they know it’s completely detrimental to their success in school, do they do persist in doing it?

You wouldn’t forget to charge your phone; you don’t forget to save the game you are playing; and you don’t forget to put your underwear on in the morning (well some people do) so why do you forget a pen? Each day, everyday, when you forget, you are failing that tiny little bit.

Research shows that a pen or pencil costs merely £1 for a box of 10. On the way to school there are many shops where students can buy them. However, students don’t seem to remember that they don’t have a pen until they get to school. Incredibly, ‘78.6% of offenders are male’ claimed Mr Walker, 32, English Teacher.  ‘Nothing irks teachers more’ he revealed.

One possible solution is to make new pens more attractive and memorable. No-one is going to forget a pen which they crafted themselves. If students make their pens themselves then they are most likely not to forget their pens as they will remember their design. This solution will reduce the lies students tell teachers about their stationary, “Someone stole my pen.”

No-one is going to steal your pen if it has your own unique design and even if they do, you will instantly discover the culprit that stole your previous pens.

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