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Form Captains

The Role and Expectations of the Form Captains:

The role of a form captain is one of privilege, pride and responsibility. They are more than just a title and badge and require dedication and commitment for an entire year.  Each Captain will be different and will contribute an assortment of skills and ideas to the role.

Characteristics of a form captain:

  • Polite and well-mannered
  • Organised, driven and committed
  • Well-presented in uniform and appearance
  • Able to liaise and converse with staff, students and the wider community
  • Desire to act responsibly and to be a role model for other students

You are expected to:

  • report to Reception if the tutor or other teacher is not there on time
  • checks the class noticeboard, make sure that it is kept tidy and well organised.
  • Lead by example
  • encourage and organise members of their form to keep the form room and lockers tidy
  • liaises with the School Council rep and Sports Captain. This includes collecting constructive feedback from classmates to present to the school council.
  • communicate any of their forms concerns to the Head of Year and PSA.
  • meet regularly with the Head of year and PSA to discuss form and year issues and plan events

We expect you to:

  • be a positive role model and ambassador for the school.
  • be enthusiastic and committed to the school ethos.
  • be friendly and positive to ALL students
  • work to deadlines.

To apply to be a Form Captain:

Speak to your form tutor and express your interest in becoming a form captain, you will have to prepare a 1min long speech explaining why you would make a great form captain. After all the applicatains have given their speech the form class will vote for the person they believe would best represent their form.  

Report back to:

Your Head of year and pastoral support assistant