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PSHCEe student advisory body

The PSHCEe advisory body is an exciting opportunity for students in all year groups to develop skills in leadership, co-operation, organisation and communication.

You can be directly involved in helping to inform the planning of schemes of work, feeding back on student ideas and responses to lessons and helping to suggest topics which you feel the year group should study. In addition to this you can work as a group to lead across the school on campaigns relating to the subject and go on PSHCEe related trips.

Last year we wrote a book to help new year sevens arriving at the school and ran a number of exciting project including a charity fair, an anti-homo/bi/transphobia campaign and a mayor of Park High election. We also visited the Houses of Parliament.

This year we have already organised the ‘Make your Mark’ movement and we’re looking at setting up a Pride Youth Network. We want to continue to do lots of exciting PSHCEe activities, campaigns and trips this year and you could be a part of this!

To join, come and speak to Miss Barker or any current member (who can be identified by their PSHCEe advisor badges).