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The Oakwood Project

"Stand Tall, Stay Strong, We know Bullying is Wrong!"

What is The Oakwood Project

The Oakwood Project is an anti-bullying initiative in school. The name ‘Oakwood’ promotes the idea of strength, growth and sustainability. The Oakwood projects moto is 'Stand Tall, Stay Strong, We know, Bullying is Wrong!' The aim of the project is to combine the advice and resources available from all of the prominent organisations, Kidscape, ChildLine, StoneWall, The Diana Award and The Anti Bulling Alliance to name only a few, to promote a strong anti-bullying message throughout the school.

Oakwood Project members learn about the types of bullying and the impact it has on victims of bullying to be able to support and advise any student who feels that they are being bullied.

The Oakwood Project has helped to create a new Bullying Incident Report form to be used in school

  • Talk about it
  • Tackle it
  • Make it stop

How to apply

If you are interested in joining the the Oakwood project please speak to Ms Browne.

What if I am being bullied?

If you are being bullied or having friendship issues you can speak to:

  • Your Parents
  • Your Form Tutor
  • Your Head of Year
  • Your Pastoral Support Assistant
  • A member of the Safeguarding Team
  • A student member of the Oakwood project, you can identify them by their Acorn badge on their blazer pocket.

Any student who feels that they are being bullied that the must tell someone what is happening to them.