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Charity and the Budget Aid



40 Years ago the G8 Nations signed to give 0.7 per cent of their national earnings to International Aid charities. On March 20th 2013 The UK fulfilled their pledge to give 0.7 % of their Gross Domestic Product (the amount of money a country earns per year) to these charities.

The charities have expressed their joy at the news in the Chancellor’s budget that the UK is the first of the G8 Nations to deliver on its 0.7% promise.

 George Osborne said, ‘We should all take pride as I do in this historic achievement for our country’.

The pledge was to spend 0.7 per cent of the UK’s Gross National Product on the international aid which remains a commitment, but that has now become a reality in which everyone hopes will become a reality to all the G8 Nations and they will all be influenced to pledge their 0.7 per cent of their GDP.

Having pre-empted the news, Oxfam celebrated with posting a video of international beneficiaries and containing a simple message: ‘You should be proud.’

‘In 1970 22 countries committed to the 0.7 per cent aid promise. So far, only five have delivered. But on 20th March 2013, even in tough times, the UK has made good on its own promise. We’re the first G8 country to do so, in year that we host the G8’

The Budget announcement is an astounding triumph.  ‘Not everyone wanted the government to keep its promise to the world’s poorest people. But your voice was so strong the government had no choice, they had to do the right thing.

Charity is something that we should all participate in, not necessarily giving huge amount of money or even giving money at all, even to smile at a homeless person will make them feel a lot better, it will take the form of charity through a gesture. At the end of the day charity helps us to help others as it is out of the kindness of our hearts for the ones who are less fortunate.

Hunger and abuse are just a few of the problems that the international charities help deal with, they help, charity plays a big part in I would say everyone’s life as effects everyone in one way or another

The Budget aid is a great way to help charities as we have all contributed to the Gross Domestic Product through work and tax.

The Budget aid is a reflection of the hard work a country with its people does, which is why it is such a virtuous and noble way to give.

Remember, charity is not all about money Charity is through money, gestures and kindness, just give back to society, whether you smile at a person or invest £100 pounds in charity, you have helped.

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