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Employability skills

Start Profile 

Your StartProfile is a personal digital record of your aspirations, achievements and choices. It will be automatically updated as you engage with content on this platform. With your integrated digital Locker you can store the evidence you need to demonstrate your skills and personal development.


Making sense of skills

A UK skills taxonomy by Jyl Djumalieva and Dr. Cath Sleeman

Skill shortages are costly and can hamper growth, but we don't currently measure these shortages in a detailed or timely way. To address this challenge, we have developed the first data-driven skills taxonomy for the UK that is publicly available. A skills taxonomy provides a consistent way of measuring the demand and supply of skills. It can also help workers and students learn more about the skills that they need, and the value of those skills. The full research paper is available to read here.

You can enter your job title to find the skills that you need

Employability Hub

The PwC Foundation was formed to promote social inclusion and sustainable development in the UK. At PwC, we’re focussed on helping you to achieve your full potential. That’s why we’ve created the Employability Hub - a place where you’ll find useful virtual tools to support you to develop key employability skills. Explore our different resources, click the link below.