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Activities and Quizzes


7 Virtual Amazing Apprenticeship Activities

These activities are designed to help you make the most of the information, and workout if an apprenticeship could be right for you.


1.Complete the Amazing Apprenticeships NAW2023 Activity Pack

Read and complete the interactive Apprenticeship Student Activity Pack (word document), at the bottom of this page. This enjoyable activity pack can be completed digitally or printed off. Working through the activities, students will explore hundreds of different apprenticeship job roles by completing quizzes, watching films, filling in a word search and more. There’s something for everyone!

Please email your completed pack to Mrs Foster dfoster4.310@parkhighstanmore.org.uk


2. Test your apprenticeship knowledge

Amazing Apprenticeships has created lots of fun quizzes to help inform students, teachers and parents about apprenticeships, traineeships and T Levels. Use the quiz links below, to test your knowledge of apprenticeships, traineeships and T Levels.


The Apprenticeship quiz

How much do you actually know about apprenticeships? Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge!


Guess the Apprenticeship Quiz

Can you guess which apprenticeship these apprentices are describing?

Take this video quiz and discover the range of apprenticeships available!


Degree Apprenticeships - Do you have what it takes?

Taking the next steps can be challenging when you’re unsure about which pathway is best for you and your future. A Degree Apprenticeship is an intensive programme and is not suited to everyone. Are you ready to find out if you've got what it takes?

Traineeship Quiz

How much do you know about Traineeships? Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge!

Traineeship Quiz


T-Level Quiz

How much do you know about T Levels? Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge!

3.Find out how apprenticeships can link to your favourite subjects

We have lots of useful information on our website, visit the Careers, Student resources page to see how the subjects you enjoy could link to apprenticeships.

Carry out independent research to see what you find out about apprenticeships connected your favourite subjects


4.Research which employers offer apprenticeships

  • There are thousands of employers that offer apprenticeships. Visit 'How to find an apprenticeship' page, to see some of the apprenticeship search websites.
  • Search apprenticeships, see what vacancies are currently available, and what they are looking for. 

5. Hear from real apprentices

  • We have put together an Apprenticeships Talks page, with lost of useful videos and podcasts. 
  • Visit www.amazingapprenticeships.com/apprentices view the video case studies and meet real apprentices in their workplace. These films will help to build an understanding of day-to-day responsibilities and the range of apprenticeships available.
  • The are some live event's where you can hear from apprentices. We have put together a list of Live events that you can sign up to visit our Live Events page to find out more. 

6. Find out about Traineeships and T-Levels

  • It’s important to understand the flexibilities that have been introduced. Traineeships are now accessible to more students, including those who are completing A Levels with a Level 3 qualification. Traineeships provide an important stepping-stone into an apprenticeship.
  • Complete the 'Traineeship Activity Pack' at the bottom of this page. 
  • Read through the 'Traineeship overview' PowerPoint at the bottom of this page. 
  • Read through the 'Traineeship Factsheet' at the bottom of this page. 
  • Read through the 'Understanding T-Levels' PowerPoint at the bottom of this page. 

7.Ask your Parents to find out more about Apprenticeship, Traineeships and T-Levels